Starting Out- Miquela Montero chapter 1

Hi! This is Miquela Montero, a sim I created! I based her off the Instagram model/sim/no one knows if she’s human, lil Miquela. We’ll be following her story throughout this blog, so who knows what could happen (well, I have a rough idea..).

So she has a bit of a back story;

She came from a wealthy life back in Isla Paradiso. All that she and her family would ever do is lie in the sun and sunbathe, only stopping to get a cocktail. But then harder times hit. Her and her family had to move to a tiny lot in Newcrest, because it turned out her father was involved in a huge crime. They changed their last name to Montero. Then as soon as Miquela turned into a young adult, she left Newcrest, to head to the city of San Myshuno, to regain her family’s fortune. Over the years she had just about scraped together enough money for the cheapest apartment in San Myshuno, 1313 21 Chic Street, but not a penny more.

(just so you know, I’m doing the movin’ on up challenge by ImaginingMystic Link: here)




About Miquela: So you can see how she looks in the pictures above. She is a Loner, Creative and a vegetarian. And her aspiration is City Native.

In the next chapter we will get started!


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